Come back, please…

Don’t give up on God


Hey friend 🙂

I hope you come across this post in your feed today.

It’s been so heartbreaking for me to discover that you’ve renounced your faith in Jesus.

I don’t really know what happened. I don’t know what made you turn away from Him. I don’t know what made you think it wasn’t worth staying firm in your belief.

I don’t know what you’ve been through. I can’t help but remember how passionate you were about God. I can’t help but think about how your heart was burning with such a zeal for Him.

No matter what you’ve been through, I want you to know that you’re not alone. You never were alone.
Jesus saw your despair. He heard the cry of your heart. When you were about to give up, He is the one who made you stand a little bit longer. He hasn’t given up on you. Matter of fact, He loves you so much! You’re of such a great value to Him that He gave Himself for you. He is still waiting for you to come back.



Please get this,




There’s no sin so great that can’t be flushed away by the blood of Jesus.

He has such a great plan for your life! Please don’t let it pass you by. Come back to Him. This is it. He is the one who formed you and knew you even before you were formed in your mom’s wombs. With him alone your heart can be satisfied.

Don’t let any vain glory of this world fool you.

You matter so much to God. Your life matters so much. Your soul matters so much. You eternity matters.

Please hear the cry of my heart. Come back. Don’t ruin your life.

Jesus loves you. He is waiting for you. He knows your pain. He wants to comfort you. He is not judging you. He stretched out His loving arms to receive you back.

Please respond to His call.

He loves you.

He is waiting for you.

I will be so glad to hear from you.