Millennial Christian must-haves

Millennial Christian must-haves

As followers of Jesus, we are all called to live a Christ-like kind of life, growing in our faith in our everyday life. There’s a couple of things that help me in my journey as a Christian and I hope this will help you as well. Here is a list of what I consider to be essentials for a millennial Christian.

Millennial Christian must-haves / Bible


While I have a Bible app on my phone, it still helps me a lot to have an actual physical Bible that I can turn into each time I am having my quiet time. I like underlying the words or verses that speak to me personally. I also like to note in my Bible.

So if you’re anything like me, then get yourself a Bible! There are a lot of versions of the Bible available. I have a couple of them, but the one I am currently using a lot is the NIV Journaling Bible.

Millennial Christian must-haves/Notebook


It’s important to keep a track of what you read, in order to be able to come back to it if needed. It’s also inevitable for a successful Bible study.

While the appearance of your notebook doesn’t matter at all, I like getting good looking ones, with cute covers. So girly, right?!

Millennial Christian must-haves/Prayer-Journal

Prayer journal

This one has been so helpful to me in developing an intimate relationship with Jesus. I write letters to him as I would to a dear friend. I not only share with Him things that I’m happy about, but also things that happened during the day that overwhelmed me. I write down my hope and expectations, but also things He told me.

I like the idea of literally having Jesus looking over my shoulders to read what I am sharing with Him.

Millennial Christian must-haves/devotionals


While you can buy actual devotionals, there are many Christian devotional apps that are free to download. It helps to have impulses to meditate on during the day.

There’s certainly a whole lot more thing to add to this list.

Feel free to add anything the Lord will put on your heart during your faith journey!