Bleeding Love

Bleeding Love

In my first attempt to read the Bible from cover to cover, the God I was discovering in the Old Testament got me amazed! I saw His love for His people, how His heart was after seeing them come back to Him each time they would disobey. Even in His greatest anger, He always showed mercy. Even in the desert, when the Israelites were murmuring against God and Moses, God was fighting on their behalf against Balak!!! (see Numbers 22 to 24)

Mind-blowing right?

What kind of God is that? Let me tell you, in some worldview you hear about Karma, what you do is what you get. In other Worldviews, your good deeds will have to outweigh your bad deeds for you to enter paradise. My God, the creator of the universe and everything inside says, “even if your sins are as red as blood, I’ll wash you, clean you, make you white as snow” (Isaiah 1:18).

Is there anything better than this?!

So, I literally fell in love with the God of the Old Testament. So much so that in my little heart and mind, I didn’t really know where to put Jesus in this whole equation.

The truth is that without Jesus it never would have been possible for me to have a relationship with God.

This is it. Yes, I believe in God. Yes, I’ve spent most parts of my Sundays and some other days of the week in church since I was a kid until now. Let’s see… I always try my best not to hurt anybody or any animal. I now and then make some donations.

There are a bunch of things that one may consider good. But no matter how many they are, none of my “good” actions can get me to have a deep and close relationship with God.

God is holy, and I am a sinner

The truth is that God is holy, and I am a sinner. God is set apart. He is pure. He is the Father of Light. In Him, there’s no shadow of change. I can’t even approach him without being irradiated by the power of His glory. That’s how awesome He is!

The story doesn’t end there…

Imagine a man desperately in love with a woman who would do anything to win her heart. That’s exactly what God did.

Let’s get this straight, God is not a needy God. He is not begging for our affection. He doesn’t need us, but He loves us so much that He is willing to come after us and captivate our hearts in such a tremendous way.

We need him.

We need him so desperately. Only in Him, we find our being, our movement, our purpose in this life. Only with Him, we find our fulfillment in this life. So He made a way to make himself accessible to us.

And, oh, what a way?

The way has a name. His Name Jesus-Christ He is my  Lord and my Savior. I love  Him so much, I would die for Him. Because He first loved me. So much so that He chose to die upon a cross for me.

How is that all possible?

Let me tell you.

The evil all around

Just by looking around you, you’ll easily notice how this world is full of evil and hurts. God has never created the world to become so. Sins and Evil separated us from being with God. Being as righteous as He is, there was a need for atonement for us, for our sin to be able again to come to God.

Necessary Justice

This is it. A price needed to be paid. Not any kind of price. The price needed to be so costly, so mighty, so awesome, so precious that it would be able to take away every past, present, and future sins of the whole humankind.

Love and Forgiveness

The love of God for us moved Him into sending His very own son to die for us. Jesus. The Son of the Living God. God Himself with us. His Divine, precious, and holy blood that was shed upon the cross washed away the sin that was keeping us separated from God. The debt has been canceled upon the cross. I am forgiven for all my sins. Hallelujah!

I can now boldly come to God my father and enjoy His presence and guidance in my life. I can run into His arm because it is the safest place to be.

I can love Him back because He first loved me.

Jesus loves us to the point of bleeding upon the cross. Oh, what a love!